Case Study

A Modern Lifestyle Retail E-commerce Reinvents its Online Operations by Embracing DevOps

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Retail e-commerce


CI/CD, DevOps


DevOps’ best practices and deployment of the new application on AWS Infrastructure

About the Client

TiLa is a modern lifestyle retail e-commerce brand established and launched in Saudi Arabia in 2020. With an exciting range of products across its Fashion, Lifestyle, Electronics, and Groceries categories, TiLa leverages innovation while retaining Arabian traditions and culture.



Downtime post implementation


Increased availability


Automated with IAM

The Challenge

Requirement for a focused, fault-tolerant HA (Highly Available) application hosted on the AWS Cloud to scale their business

“I would highly recommend CloudThat to organizations setting up their own cloud infrastructure. Team’s commitment to work is highly appreciated"

- Amit Chandra, Tila


  • Applications deployed across multiple environments namely development, pre-production, and production.
  • Network-level separation of infrastructure for each of these environments ensured.
  • Design of highly available, scalable micro services infrastructure on AWS.
  • Design of highly available failover cluster setup for databases and Apache Services.
  • Establishment of a network connectivity between cloud and office locations spread across the globe.
  • Leveraged DNS routing to resolve internal service endpoints and internet-facing end-points.
  • Implemented CI/CD, supporting hotfixes, rollback on failure, multi-environment deployment.
  • Implemented Identity and access management and detective controls with incident response in place

The Results

Downtime lowered post implementation, achieved high availability and users transformed to Automation with IAM

Download the Case Study

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