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A leading real-estate and design giant re-architected their cloud infrastructure setup by embracing AWS cloud architecture.

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AWS Root account, AWS Security hub, AWS CloudWatch, Amazon EC2 Amazon S3


Re-architecting the infrastructure setup for cloud applications following the AWS best practices.

About the Client

Total Environment is an architect-led real estate and design firm creating sensitively designed living and workspaces for over two decades.  From concept to completion, they work together as an integrated team, bringing together some of the brightest minds from diverse fields like architecture, craftsmanship, design, interior décor, and more. 


20% Cost saving monthly

AWS Systems Manager to protect against any threats

Root account security with MFA

The Challenge

The client had an existing cloud Infrastructure out of AWS, where they were facing a challenge in availability, reliability, and cost, and wanted to re-architect their AWS environment 

Guided WAR activity benefits & makes me understand the process. Started the activity with proper planning & scheduling. Thanks for the valuable support.

-Prem Kumar Nallasamy


  • AWS Root account and IAM users to enable Multifactor Authentication.  
  •  AWS Security Hub to view the security state in AWS and check the environment against security industry standards and best practices.  
  •  AWS Systems Manager which allows to centralize the operational data from multiple AWS services and automate tasks across the AWS resources to perform the patching activity remotely for better availability.  
  •  AWS CloudWatch logs and AWS CloudWatch metrics for monitoring the web application.  
  •  Deleted unwanted or underutilized servers or snapshots, which further led to cost optimization.  
  •  Enabled termination protection on all the running servers in the AWS account.  
  •  Enabled encryption of EBS volumes attached with EC2 Instances and S3 bucket storing all data.  
  •  Enabled Guard Duty to continuously monitors the AWS Account or any unauthorized activity in AWS Account.  
  •  Reconfigured all security groups of servers so that no SSH port is opened to the internet.

The Results

CloudThat successfully implemented their infrastructure on AWS  Cloud. Cost savings of more than 20% on a monthly basis.

Download the Case Study

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