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A leading full-service software agency opts for DevOps Implementation to improve its IT infrastructure

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AWS ECS, AWS Fargate, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, AWS IAM, AWS OpenSearch, AWS Lambda services, AWS Code Pipeline


Achieve zero downtime, better connectivity, and manage application critical files with no/minimum human intervention in the application and entirely depends on the cloud provider.

About the Client

Abright Lab is a team of versatile digital product experts specializing in user experience, design, and development. They collaborate with forward-thinking companies, extending their design and development departments. Leveraging their expertise, they enable clients to achieve measurable business objectives, establish robust development frameworks, and maintain consistent products


Eliminates human error and enhances security.

Faster deployment of services and applications.

500+ Automated releases/per month.

The Challenge

Abright Labs seeks improvements in its IT environment, including managing AWS resources, implementing DevOps practices, addressing increased feature requests, automating deployments, scaling the infrastructure, setting up log analytics, and ensuring secure server accessibility. 


  • Deployment across multiple environments (dev, QA, pre-prod, production). 
  • Customed VPC design for security and network requirements. 
  • Redirected microservices endpoints to a single ALB using host-based routing. 
  • Automated deployment of OpenSearch through CloudFormation. 
  • Created indices for each microservice in OpenSearch for log analytics. 
  • Optimized CI/CD pipelines using CloudFormation templates. 
  • Configured AWS SSM Agent on Bastion host. 
  • Deployed RDS services in a private subnet using CloudFormation

The Results

CloudThat helped Abright Labs to achieve zero downtime through automated cluster management, implemented OpenSearch for log tracking, incorporated microservices with DevOps practices, and achieved faster service and application deployment. 

Download the Case Study

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