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A leading EdTech company migrated its Amazon LightSail instance to an Amazon EC2 instance with CloudThat

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Amazon EC2, Amazon Route53, Amazon SES, AWS GuardDuty, Amazon SNS, AWS Trusted Advisor


Making infrastructure adjustments on a smaller Amazon EC2 instance saved $100, optimized resources, and ensured smooth website transitions with minimal downtime. Amazon Route53 was organized for efficient domain and email services, while rigorous monitoring and CloudThat's security measures bolstered system reliability.

About the Client

Brainstorm Consulting is a leading Bangalore-based firm providing Admission Counseling Services and VISA Services for students. As a prominent immigration consultancy with six offices, we specialize in guiding students and individuals abroad, offering test coaching, and leveraging technology for streamlined immigration consulting. Our organizational enhancement includes AI integration. 



Cost lowered post implementation


Downtime lowered post implementation

Amazon Route53

Seamless alignment of domains and email services

The Challenge

The client’s infrastructure, relying on an Amazon LightSail instance with maximum configuration, faced issues with website crashes beyond 100 concurrent users due to instances entering a burst zone at CPU utilization above 10%. Operating multiple domains on a single server, they wanted to replicate the configuration on an Amazon EC2 instance, facing challenges in understanding the migration process. 


  • Migration to Amazon EC2 offers benefits in CPU utilization and cost-efficiency, enhancing website presence. 
  • Reconfiguring the Amazon Route53 Domain involves transitioning to Hosted Zone nameservers and creating crucial website records. 
  • Adjustments include configuring host files to direct them to the correct website folders for seamless domain connection. 
  • Implementing changes in Amazon SES within the Hosted Zone streamlines email communication for enhanced efficiency. 
  • Prioritizing standard security practices fortifies AWS accounts and infrastructure, ensuring digital asset integrity. 
  • AWS GuardDuty monitors the AWS account for suspicious activities, triggering timely alerts through Amazon SNS. 
  • AWS Inspector ensures Amazon EC2 instance adherence to best practices, preventing potential complications. 
  • AWS Trusted Advisor provides actionable recommendations aligned with best practices for various AWS services. 

The Results

Downtime nearly eliminated post implementation, enhanced efficiency, achieved seamless website transition, and reduced cost. 

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