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A dynamic social media platform has achieved inclusive multilingual experiences and valuable data-driven insights.

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Social Media Platform


Amazon S3, Amazon SQS , AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate


A serverless architecture leveraging AWS services like API Gateway, and Athena for data ingestion, transformation, translation and transcription.

About the Client

Huut is an innovative Indian social media platform that prioritizes diverse user experiences, multilingual conversations, advanced analytics, and freedom of expression, revolutionizing engagement in the digital landscape.


Scalable and secure DataLake solution

Future-ready data engineering pipeline

Data-driven decision-making for the business

The Challenge

Implementing end-to-end data engineering and ML solutions to improve customer experience, insights, scalability, multilingual support, content delivery, and monitoring/alerting workflows.


  • Utilize Amazon services to build a serverless architecture. 
  • Access and store source data efficiently using AWS. 
  • Stream and centralize data in a scalable data lake. 
  • Implement dynamic partitioning for efficient data organization. 
  • Transcribe and translate audio/video data for multilingual support. 
  • Ensure data security and integrity across different AWS accounts. 
  • Transform data and store it in a structured format. 
  • Query data, store valuable insights, and integrate new features.

The Results

CloudThat ensured Huut’s improved user experience with inclusive multilingual captions, sentiment analysis-driven hashtags, a scalable data pipeline, valuable insights, trending hashtags, monitoring integration, and positive key performance indicators. 

Download the Case Study

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