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VMWare Training in Bangalore – Exploring the World of Virtualization

VMware Certification in Bangalore

Relentless learning is vital to propel in the current market situation. Upskilling is inevitable to survive in the recent market turmoil. According to NASSCOM, 70% of employers expect employees to improve their skills to stay relevant at workspace.

Also, the report says the most in-demand IT skills are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. The demand for Virtualization and Multi-cloud skills is skyrocketing. This scenario prompted me to write on how to get affordable VMware Training from authorized trainers in India, particularly from Bangalore, which has a reputation of IT-Capital of India.

Why Learn VMware Technology?

VMware technology is a buzz in the industry, and organizations are widely adopting it. By learning VMware, you can develop as an accomplished professional in Virtualization and Multi-cloud technologies. Here we have identified the key benefits of learning VMware.

Virtualization Technology: VMware is a pioneer of virtualization software and solutions. By learning VMware, you gain expertise in virtualization technology, which is increasingly important in modern IT environments. According to Statista’s report of November 2022, VMware vSphere leads the leading virtualization technologies regarding the number of company users. VMware led the deck with 12.03 percent of the market share.

Enhanced IT Skills: VMware offers a plethora of tools and products for managing virtualized environments. By learning VMware, you can hone abilities in areas like server virtualization, networking, storage management, and automation, which are highly valuable in the IT industry.

Certification Opportunities: VMware has a detailed certification program that enhances your knowledge and skills in VMware technologies. VMware Certified Professional (VCP) or VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) is essential. Getting certified by VMware boosts your career prospects.

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Why Learn from an Authorized VMWare Trainer from Bangalore?

Getting trained by an Authorized VMware Training Partner offers many advantages. Salient ones are:

  1. Access to Official Courseware: VMware Authorized training partners use VMware’s official course curriculum. Such courseware offers structured and up-to-date content. Ensuring you have access to accurate information and learn the latest best practices in virtualization, cloud computing, and other VMware-related topics.
  2. Enjoy Local Context and Support: Enrolling in a VMware training course with an authorized VMware trainer from Bangalore can be advantageous if you’re located in Bangalore. Your potential employers will have offices in Bangalore, India’s IT capital. Trainers can train you in the actual expectations of potential employers. Additionally, local support and follow-up assistance can be more accessible when learning from a training organization in person.
  3. Abundant Networking Opportunities: Learning from an authorized VMware trainer in Bangalore provides an opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry. Trainers usually connect with local VMware user groups, communities, and organizations. It also helps you get trained on the type of interviews such organizations conduct. Such networking opportunities can help you expand your professional network, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and stay updated on industry trends.
  4. Enriched Hands-on Experience: VMware training often includes hands-on lab exercises and practical demonstrations. Authorized trainers can guide you through these activities, allowing you to gain valuable experience working with VMware tools and technologies. Hands-on practice is invaluable for developing the skills to implement and manage VMware solutions effectively.
  5. Opportunity for Rigorous Certification Preparation: VMware certifications are highly regarded in the IT industry and can enhance career prospects. Authorized training Partner organizations can help you prepare for VMware certification exams by providing guidance on exam objectives, sharing study materials, and offering practice tests. Their expertise can significantly increase your chances of passing the certification exams.

What is the USP of CloudThat's VMware Training in Bangalore?

A few organizations in Bangalore (Bengaluru) are Authorized VMware Training Partners. CloudThat is a prominent organization regarded as one of the best VMware authorized training centers in Bangalore. If you do an internet search for VMware certification cost in Bangalore, CloudThat offers the best pricing.

We have been Market leaders in Cloud Training for 11+ years and have authorized partnerships with all major public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP. We are an Authorized VMware Training Partner catering to the needs of this era of Multi-cloud and Virtualization.

Here are the USPs of VMware Training offered by our Bangalore center:

  • Enjoy different learning modes from our VMware institute in Bangalore to suit your requirements (virtual, instructor-led classrooms, or hybrid methods).
  • You can access VMware’s official courseware and prerequisite documents to start preparing for all the VMware training from our VMware-certified trainers.
  • Unlimited mock exams are available at our TestPrep Portal for learners to get acquainted with the VMware vSphere certification exam.
  • Our VMware institute in Bangalore has certified trainers and official courseware from VMware to equip you for the certification exam.
  • At our VMware training center in Bangalore, you can enroll for weekend or weekday batches and a further 4 hours/day or 8 hours/day training on VMware courses.
  • We are one of the best VMware training centers in Bangalore to offer corporate trainings in customized formats to suit the clients’ changing business needs on VMware vSphere training.
  • At our VMware NSX training center in Bangalore, we provide an opportunity to learn and interact with learners from across the globe on VMware vSphere technologies.

What You Learn in VMware Certified Professional – vSphere VCP 8

Our five-day training course enhances your competency to work with VMware vSphere8. It helps you to explore vSphere Distributed Services Engine, utilize DPU-supported Life Cycle Manager, and tap the AI/ML potential of vSphere 8 through Unified Management for AI/ML Hardware Accelerators. Know more


Upskilling with the right technologies and acquiring certifications from industry leaders like VMware enhances your career growth opportunities. By getting trained by VMware Authorized Partner like CloudThat, Bangalore opens networking opportunity with professionals, helps to gain access to the official curriculum, gain skillsets to crack certification exams, and apply those skills learnt in hands-on lab sessions.

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About CloudThat

CloudThat, incepted in 2012, is the first Indian organization to offer Cloud training and consultancy for mid-market and enterprise clients. Our business aims to provide global services on Cloud Engineering, Training, and Expert Line. Our expertise in all major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), positions us as pioneers.


1. What is the highest-paying VMware certification?

ANS: –

  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA) – 10 lakh INR per year
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP) – 15 lakh INR per year
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) – 20 lakh INR per year
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – 35 lakh INR per year

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