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Study Guide to crack the PL-100 Certification Exam Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

1.  Case Study:

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United (Coca-Cola United) has a long history of supplying Coca-Cola products directly to retailers and restaurants. But when Coca-Cola introduced its new Freestyle vending machine, Coca-Cola United, a privately owned company that isn’t owned by Coca-Cola, was challenged to streamline its order and invoicing procedures. It rose to the occasion quickly, using Microsoft Power Automate robotic process automation (RPA). Coca-Cola United is advancing the strategic Freestyle initiative with process automation that matches the individuality and innovation that the product represents. Read more. 


1. Case Study?
2. What to expect from this article?
3. Prerequisites
4. Key Benefits of PL-100 Certification
5. Exam Pattern
6. Percentage of Questions for all the Modules
7. Study Materials and References
8. Tips and Tricks
9. Get Certified Now

2. What to expect from this article?

Technical Business Analysts skilled in Data Modelling, create and enforce business processes, and solve business problems using PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. Are you willing to get recognized for these skills? Then here is a detailed study guide to crack the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification beta exam. By taking the beta exam, you have a chance to obtain the required skills and get awarded with a role-based certification which makes you stand out and gives you a big boost to speed up in this fast-moving world.

3. Prerequisites  

Candidates attempting the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker exam should have basic data modeling, user experience design, requirement, and process analysis understanding. Basic understanding of various Power Platform features, tools, and fundamental knowledge about mobile/ tab views. Completion of fundamentals certification exam PL-900, Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals will be useful but not mandatory.

4. Key Benefits of PL-100 Certification Exam

Design solutions that include the high-level design of data sources, data models, real-world objects as entities to fulfill your business requirements

5. Exam Pattern

PL-100 Table

6. Percentage of Questions from all the modules:

Questions from this module are based on real-time scenarios, rendering the usage of various Power Platform components and their correct implementation. Data Connectors, Data sources, triggers and actions, and designing high-level data models are a few highlighted topics.

Creation of various Power Platform Solutions like model-driven apps, canvas apps, data sources and configuring them, creating Power Automate flows are some of the topics in this module from which the questions will be asked in the exam. A maximum number of questions are asked from this module as creating solutions using all various Power Platform components are real-time applications.

Model-driven charts, model-driven dashboards can be created with Power BI. Real-time scenario questions based on using AI-builder to build, train, and publish models are included in the exam questionnaire.

From this module, you can expect questions on implementation, configuration, and managing various solutions. Testing tools are available to help validate accessibility, deploy solutions in between different environment, and create, restore and publish a new version of apps

7. Study Materials and References

There are various ways to prepare for this certification

8. Tips & Tricks:

9. Get Certified Now:

It is always great to get the right source of learning to Move Up. At CloudThat we have a course aimed at preparing participants/candidates for Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. You can register for an instructor-led training by visiting the Microsoft website.

If you have just begun your Power Platform journey, and want to take an extended step towards working with data, enhancing user experience, adding value to your business and customers, then “Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Certification Exam” will be one of the best course to get started.

Check out the Sample Questions for the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker PL-100 Certification Exam blog and go through the explanation.

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For any queries or feedback, drop a comment below in the comment section and I will try my best to resolve and respond to you at the earliest.

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