Demystifying AWS Cloud Migration for Business Transformation

Achieve the digital transformation of your business with our team of cloud evangelists and technical experts to migrate your workloads to AWS cloud.

Our Agile Migration Factory:
Our approach through Agile Migration Factory:
CloudThat’s vast experience in cloud and data centre technologies brings together a robust model for migration of workloads into public/hybrid clouds with use of agile methodologies for faster and efficient migrations. This model of journey of workloads through multiple phases as outlined below is put together in a unified process called as “Agile Migration Factory”

Agile-based user story methodology followed for migrating workloads.

Scrum team

There are multiple resource types to form a scrum team that are required in this agile work migration.

  1. Migration Team is involved in discovery, assessment, design, build, migration.
  2. Validation Team is involved in carrying out the tests for adoption of the services.
  3. Security Team is involved in maintaining the security aspects in the environment during the migration as well as post migration.

User story-based work allocation

Move Groups are distributed to the scrum teams to complete, which are defined by a time bound release cycle.

R-Lane approach – CloudThat follows 8 R Lane approach of treating workloads.

DevOps based Continuous Delivery approach for Release of workloads into Production

DevOps based Continuous Delivery pipeline is leveraged for most of all the workloads that are being Rehosted, Refactored & Rebuilt into the target cloud environment.

Migration Implementation

Continuous Ops

This design principal considers a lifecycle monitoring, management and optimization process for every workload being continuously migrated to the cloud. Feedback is one of the key parameters that is measured to optimize workloads in the target cloud environment. CloudThat leverages its Cloud Command Center CoE to fulfil these requirements as part of the mass migration lifecycle process.


CloudThat strongly believes that the most efficient way to manage infrastructure is to embrace Infrastructure-as-a-Code. The Mass migration factory model follows this design principle of creating infrastructure elements through code and to run it through a lifecycle version control process.

Migration Tools for Managed Workload Mobility


We leverage highly automated lift-and-shift (Re-host) application migration solution that simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of migrating applications to AWS Cloud – including public Regions, AWS GovCloud (US), and AWS Outposts.


A cloud management platform of scalable technology and automated solutions to streamline the mapping, migration, and management of enterprise-class workloads in any combination of hybrid IT and cloud environments.


A cloud-based software platform for IT Service Management (ITSM) which helps to automate IT Business Management. It offers the flexibility, power, and dependability to achieve the goals of the incident and problem management.

Success Story

Mission and Evolve successfully completed the cutover of 50 applications before the deadline, sparing the customer from additional data center costs and establishing a more technologically-efficient and cost-effective infrastructure on AWS going forward. Evolve Media has already reported saving 20% on infrastructure costs because of the transition to AWS, and expects it can save 30-40% through further cost optimization. The customer is also benefiting from a simplified infrastructure, and Mission’s engagement throughout the migration and post-migration processes has significantly deepened the Evolve’s AWS knowledgebase.

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