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People are rapidly moving their applications to cloud to become more agile, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. There are various convincing reasons for on-premise to cloud migration such as to derive analytical insights from Big Data, to share data seamlessly across applications, to facilitate employee mobility and remote access, to innovate products and services rapidly and much more. Some organizations develop businesses plan to move BC/DR to the cloud.
We understand the specific requirements, processes required to fulfill these requirements and the flow of these processes in the application to design an appropriate architecture for cloud based infrastructure.
Even before we decide for cloud migration, assessment phase is an integral part of the process.
  • Financial Assessment – Perform TCO/ROI analysis to understand cost benefits of cloud
  • Security Assessment – Compliance & security analysis as required by the applications
  • Technical Assessment – Choosing cloud vendors, identifying workloads to be migrated
  • Create a phased migration approach by identifying application dependency tree
  • Build reference architecture diagrams
  • Create proof of concept & validate the plan
  • Perform performance benchmarks to optimize application/infrastructure
  • Leverage storage options on cloud and start data migration
  • Analyze databases options on cloud and initiate database migration, synchronization and switch over
  • Migrate virtual images to appropriate cloud format
  • Automation of deployment pipelines to deploy on cloud
  • Automate provisioning, deployment, fault tolerance, monitoring & alarms
  • Leverage elasticity provided by the native cloud platform and via third party tools
  • Monitor and improve performance by eliminating bottlenecks and using cloud provided services like CDN
  • Optimize resource utilization and cost efficiency

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