VMware Cloud Director: Learn How to Install, Configure, Manage

Course Overview

In this CloudThat course, candidate will learn to install, configure, and manage VMware Cloud Director® 10.3. You learn about workload provisioning, the creation of organizations, virtual data centers (VDCs), catalog services that include predefined virtual machines, and on-demand VMware NSX-T™ Data Center networks. 

This course also covers interfacing VMware Cloud Director with other systems and the integration and use of VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™ for VMware Cloud Director.  You learn about different networks that a system administrator and an organization administrator can configure and use with virtual machines (VMs). This course also discusses how to monitor various VMware Cloud Director objects using VMware vRealize® Operations™. 

Product Alignment:

  • VMware vSphere 7.0 U2
  • VMware Cloud Director 10.3
  • VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1.1
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager 8.3

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Deploy VMware Cloud Director
  • Manage VMware Cloud Director to meet the service provider needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director organizations and vApps to fulfill business needs
  • Create and manage VMware Cloud Director catalogs
  • Transfer virtual machine workloads from VMware vSphere® into and out of VMware Cloud Director
  • Configure networking for organizations and vApps with the help of VMware NSX-T™ Data Center
  • Managing resources from the VMWare Cloud Director console and using VMware vRealize® Operations
  • Manager™
  • Enabling VM and Named Disk Encryption 
  • Creating VM sizing and placement policies
  • Understand vApps and VM operations and actions

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Key Features

  • Our training modules have 50% -60% hands-on lab sessions to encourage Thinking-Based Learning (TBL).
  • Interactive-rich virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching to inculcate Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  • VMware certified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions to develop Competency-Based Learning (CBL).
  • Well-structured use-cases to simulate challenges encountered in a Real-World environment.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through experts designed Learning Management System (LMS) and ExamReady platform.
  • Being a VMware Authorized Training Reseller, we offer authored curriculum that are at par with industry standards.

Who Should Attend

  • Cloud architects, systems engineers, datacenter administrators, and cloud administrators with experience in managed services or managing a service provider environment.


Completion of the following courses and equivalent knowledge is required:

  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.x] or equivalent knowledge

  • The following experience is helpful:

  • Working at the Linux command line
  • Substantial knowledge of general networking concepts
  • Course Outline Download Course Outline

    • Introductions and course logistics
    • Course objectives

    • Define software-defined data center (SDDC)
    • Discuss VMware offerings for cloud-based services
    • Discuss the deployment options for VMware Cloud Director
    • Discuss VMware Validated Design™
    • Recognize the design considerations when creating a cloud environment on the SDDC using VMWare Cloud Foundation™

    • Discuss the deployment options for VMware Cloud Director
    • Explain the two-stage deployment of VMware Cloud Director cells
    • Discuss failover mechanisms (automatic and manual) with VMware Cloud Director cells
    • Define switchover, promote, and fencing options of the VMware Cloud Director appliance
    • Understand the VMware Cloud Director appliance enhancements

    • Describe how the compute resources are provided to VMware Cloud Director
    • Describe how storage is provided to VMware Cloud Director
    • Configure and manage storage for Virtual Datacenters (VDCs)
    • Briefly discuss network pools, external networks, and Tier-0 Gateways
    • Showcase VMware Cloud Director integration with vCenter Server® and NSX-T Data Center
    • Describe VMware Cloud Director organizations
    • Understand organization policies
    • Explain how to access an organization using various portals
    • Understand organization VDC
    • Discuss what is Linked Clone and Fast Provisioning
    • Understand the use cases of Allocation Models

    • Discuss user-bundle
    • Describe role-based access
    • Explain custom roles and rights
    • Describe and configure LDAP integration with Active Directory
    • Discuss OIDC authentication methods
    • Describe SAML identity provider

    • Understand standalone VMs
    • Discuss the VM managing operations
    • Explain VM properties
    • Discuss deployment methods of vApps
    • Discuss the vApp managing operations
    • Discuss the vApp lease policies
    • Understand the vApps and VM actions
    • Explain vApp and VM badges

    • Create and use CI/CD pipelines
    • Use the Code Stream user interface
    • Add states and tasks to a Code Stream pipeline

    • Define Git, GitLab, and GitHub
    • Configure GitLab to support vRealize Automation blueprints
    • Integrate vRealize Automation with GitLab
    • Manage blueprints using GitLab source control

    • Describe the use case of Ansible and Ansible Tower
    • Connect to Ansible Tower
    • Use Ansible playbooks
    • Use Puppet in configuration management

    • Use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in a clustered deployment
    • Configure External Certificates
    • Configure NSX-T Data Center load balancer
    • Install or scale out VMware Identity Manager to support High Availability
    • Install or scale vRealize Automation using clustered deployment

    • List of Kubernetes Pods
    • The vRealize Automation Kubernetes architecture
    • Relationship of Kubernetes pods to services
    • Logs and their locations
    • Blueprint deployment workflow with Kubernetes service interaction
    • Backup strategies and potential problems

    • vracli commands and when to use them
    • Check the status of Kubernetes pods and services
    • Correct the state of pods and services
    • Diagnose and solve vRealize Automation infrastructure problems
    • Diagnose and solve vRealize Automation failures to deploy blueprints and services
    • Use vRealize Log Insight to troubleshoot


      • By earning this certification, you hone skills to install, configure, and manage VMware Cloud Director® 10.3.
      • You also gain competency on workload provisioning, the creation of organizations, virtual data centers (VDCs), and catalog services.
      • On successful completion of this training aspirants receive a Course Completion Certificate from us.
      • By successfully clearing the VMware Cloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V10.3] exam, aspirants earn VMware Certification.

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