Course Overview:

The “Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster” course offers a comprehensive exploration of container orchestration through Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Participants will gain foundational knowledge of Kubernetes, understanding its architecture and components. The course emphasizes the capabilities of AKS in simplifying the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. Learners acquire practical skills in creating AKS clusters using tools like the Azure portal and CLI.  

The course highlights best practices, optimization strategies, and cost management, with hands-on labs reinforcing practical proficiency in AKS deployment and operation. 

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create and Manage AKS Clusters: Students will be proficient in creating and managing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters using various tools, including the Azure portal, Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell.
  • Deploy Containerized Applications: Participants will learn how to deploy containerized applications on AKS, utilizing Kubernetes manifests and Helm charts. They will understand the deployment lifecycle and best practices for ensuring efficient and reliable application deployment within the AKS environment.
  • Enhance Security in AKS: The course will empower students to enhance security within their AKS clusters.
  • Apply Best Practices and Optimization Strategies: The course will instill best practices for AKS cluster design and optimization. Participants will learn strategies for cost management, ensuring efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness in their AKS deployments.
  • Hands-On Proficiency: Through hands-on labs and practical exercises, students will develop real-world proficiency in deploying, managing, and optimizing applications within Azure Kubernetes Service.

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Key Features:

  • Our AZ-1001 training modules are equipped with 55%-60% hands-on lab session.
  • Interactive-rich virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching to inculcate Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  • Microsoft certified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions to develop Competency-Based Learning (CBL).
  • Well-structured use-cases based on real world scenarios to help participants relate the scenarios with AKS.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through experts designed Learning Management System (LMS) and ExamReady platform.
  • Being a Microsoft Learning Partner, we offer authored curriculum that are at par with industry standards.

Who Should Attend:

  • Professionals who want to validate one specific skill.
  • Individuals involved in the DevOps practices of software development and IT operations.
  • System administrators seeking to enhance their skills in managing containerized applications and Kubernetes clusters.


  • Experience of working with the Azure portal.
  • Knowledge of containerization concepts is beneficial. Understanding the basics of container technologies, such as Docker, and how containers work can aid in comprehending the course content.
  • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes is advantageous.
  • Familiarity with DevOps practices and principles, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), is beneficial.
  • A foundational understanding of networking principles, including IP addressing, subnets, and network security, will be helpful in configuring and managing networking aspects within Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Why choose CloudThat as your training partner?

    • The AZ -1001 Microsoft training is an 8-hour course, although the timings can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
    • The course training is ideally designed to satisfy individual needs and allow opportunities to connect with educators as well as individuals from various organizations.
    • The learning route covers all of the key topics linked to basics of Azure Kubernetes Clusters, creating and managing AKS clusters, security best practices, advanced AKS topics and more.
    • The Microsoft AZ-1001 certification course will be conducted by industry experts with years of expertise.
    • You will have the opportunity to practice industry-level questions and real-life case studies along with hands-on.
    • You will gain comprehensive knowledge about Azure Cloud as well as its resources.

    Learning objective of course:

    • You can publicize your Microsoft Azure Az-1001 credential on social media site such as LinkedIn.
    • You get to learn an on-demand technology like Kubernetes.
    • You get to incorporate professional values into your organization.
    • By obtaining the credential, you can advance your career in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Domain.

    Course Outline: Download Course Outline

    • Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Azure Kubernetes cluster architecture
    • Azure Kubernetes Service pods
    • Nodes and node pools for Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Namespaces for Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Access to Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Monitoring and logging for Azure Kubernetes Service

    • Lab - Create a container registry
    • Lab - Sign in to the container registry
    • Lab - Push an image to the registry
    • Lab - View container images
    • Lab - Run an image from the registry
    • Lab - Create a virtual network

    • Azure Kubernetes Service cluster architecture
    • Network topology
    • Plan the IP addresses
    • Configure compute for the base cluster
    • Integrate Microsoft Entra ID for the cluster
    • Secure the network flow
    • Node and pod scalability
    • Lab - Create an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

    • Understand Azure Policy for Kubernetes clusters
    • Lab - Enable Azure Policy add on for Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Lab - Assign a policy definition to an Azure Kubernetes cluster
    • Host-based encryption on Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Create a custom namespace for Azure Kubernetes clusters

    • Configure Azure Kubernetes pods using Azure Policy
    • Lab - Apply Azure Kubernetes Service pod settings using Azure Policy
    • Configure storage for applications running on Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Deploy an application to an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
    • Lab - Configure storage for applications that run on Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Lab - Deploy an application to Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

    • Scaling options in Azure Kubernetes Services
    • Cluster autoscaler
    • Burst to Azure Container Instances
    • When to use cluster autoscaler
    • Lab - Scale the node count in an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
    • Automatically scale a cluster on Azure Kubernetes Service

    • Deploy applications to Azure Kubernetes Service

    Certification details:

    • Obtaining the Microsoft Azure AZ-1001 Applied Skill Credential certifies your familiarity.
    • Azure AZ-1001 Applied skill course will teach you the fundamentals of AKS and how are Kubernetes clusters created and managed.
    • Applied skills can be utilized to be ready for more specialized or role-based Azure certifications.
    • We award a certificate of course completion to candidates who pass the AZ-1001 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training.
    • After completing the Microsoft Azure AZ-1001 assessment, candidates are awarded a Microsoft credential as well.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is based on one specific skill, Project based, Scenario-specific ability.

    This course covers AKS topics include Kubernetes basics, AKS deployment, application deployment, monitoring, security, integration, CI/CD, networking, optimization, and troubleshooting.

    Microsoft AZ-1001 typically takes one day to complete in a classroom or virtual instructor-led mode.

    Enhance skills in AKS deployment, scaling, security. Boost confidence in Kubernetes management, optimizing resources, and troubleshooting AKS clusters.

    Use Microsoft's official documentation, practice labs, and exam-focused resources for comprehensive readiness.

    Evaluation through interactive lab experience.

    No. Access Microsoft Learn and complete the assessment.

    After completing the Az-1001 exam, you will receive the Microsoft Credential: Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster and you will be able to learn and take more advanced Azure certification examinations.

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