CloudThat works with your DevOps team to ensure that software is successfully delivered to its users via the Cloud and meets expectations around availability, performance, flexibility, and pace of change with minimal impact to users. Move up.
Mobile Cloud Apps, Big Data Applications, & Cloud Custom Applications
CloudThat lends the expertise needed to work with DevOps and everyone involved in moving software to the Cloud during the entire lifecycle of the project. Depending on your needs, CloudThat can augment or provide your operations and software development engineering teams.
CloudThat manages the collaboration and communication between software developers and all IT professionals related to the Cloud move. Your CloudThat team will plan and then execute a project that fully takes advantage of the flexibility and agility the Cloud offers.
Align your team to a common cloud strategy and DevOps vision. CloudThat helps determine where you stand today, where you’re headed, and most importantly, develops a solid plan to execute the cloud strategy.
Driving software to the Cloud
CloudThat helps automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes that drive applications, data, and processes to the Cloud. Your CloudThat team would be involved in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.
Moving towards DevOps in your organization
If you are moving towards DevOps, CloudThat can help define what it means. We align your team around a common end-state vision and create an actionable plan on how to get there. We’ll share our experience and knowledge of DevOps and how it relates to cloud implementations, to help you get started on the right path to continuous integration and continuous delivery.