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Cloud Expertise at Your Fingertips

CloudThat allows you to quickly achieve the proficiency needed for a precise time frame of your cloud operations by employing professionals with specialized cloud skills as-needed or on project basis.
Our team at CloudThat consists of professionals certified on various platforms like AWS, Azure, OpenStack, RedHat, MongoDB and Cloudera. We have vast amount of experience and knowledge across different technologies and domains. We have designed highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems for major clients and managed deployment, troubleshooting and security for their infrastructure.
CloudThat has a highly skilled team of cloud professionals who can work on your projects at very competitive rates. We specialize in empowering clients to quickly ramp up their cloud operations.
We give you flexibility to hire people for either short durations like a month or have a long term engagement where we help with your cloud operations for years.
We have the flexibility to provide additional people according to your changing requirements.

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