Cloud Management Services

Let Us Manage Your Public Cloud

Through our cloud management services we help you create an optimal cloud operations framework while providing flexible scaling and benefits of cloud economics. While CloudThat manages your infrastructure, your developers can focus on building applications to drive your business. CloudThat provides services for administration & operations for multiple cloud environments, performance monitoring & alerting, backups & retrievals, optimizing the utilization of cloud resources by understanding the usage patterns and much more.



With extensive experience of managing cloud solutions for our clients and a large team of cloud certified professionals, we are the top-most choice for managed cloud solutions.

24/7 Support

The team works to ensure application availability at any point of time. Proper measures are taken by the team at times of high traffic or some other outages.


With experience, comes the agility to identify root cause of the issues resulting in faster response time.

We help you do all the heavy-lifting of administering & managing the infrastructure and servers while you focus of core area of your business.
One of the major advantage one can get is by automating the process of provisioning & scaling of resources on cloud. This can help handle the spikes in user traffic ensuring a consistent performance of your application.
Optimize your cloud deployment by measuring the resource utilization & finding the optimization areas resulting in better performance & lower costs.
CloudThat has helped their clients with high SLAs by monitoring the cloud resources & understanding the access/usage patterns to foresee any upcoming problems plan for such situations before even they arrive.